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The Everything Destination Wedding Book

Price: $14.95
Do you want to take a less-than-traditional route with your wedding? If the thought of having your wedding ceremony two blocks away bores you, The Everything Destination Wedding Book is your complete resource to planning a perfect wedding miles away-all while sticking to a budget! Wedding expert Shelly Hagen takes you from start to finish, planning elaborate details and making arrangements, such as: * Choosing the right destination and climate for your wedding * Assembling the guest list (does your second cousin need to be there?) * Finding accommodations for your guests * Planning the ceremony and reception * Plus a section on adjusting to married life after your trip This enlightening and informative guide tells you the ins and outs of this new wedding trend, perfect for you as you struggle with the intricacies of your big day. With The Everything Destination Wedding Book, you can have your fantasy wedding-on a realistic budget!