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Destination Bride

Price: $18.00
Make your wedding the celebration of a lifetime anywhere in the world! A destination wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a wonderful adventure, not just for the bride and groom, but for everyone involved. A wedding away from home, however, can be a major undertaking. Where do you begin? Right here, with Destination Bride, an indispensable guide that will take you through all the details of planning a destination wedding. As the president and founder of her own international wedding consulting firm, author Lisa Light is a respected authority on destination weddings. Inside Destination Bride, Light details everything you need to know to prepare for a destination wedding. Her two user-friendly sections--Part I, which describes the logistics of planning an out-of-town wedding, and Part II, which provides countless ideas for destinations and venues--make the entire process manageable and stress-free. In-depth chapters include: • Clear steps for selecting the location of your dreams and hiring reliable service providers who will make your dreams a reality • Must-have advice for setting a wedding budget--and sticking to it • Helpful checklists and sample spreadsheets to keep you organized, focused and ready for the big day • Words of wisdom for making seamless travel arrangements and coordinating an unforgettable ceremony • Detailed, site-specific information on some of the most exciting wedding locales in the world, from the most well-known spots to the best-kept secrets • Maps, color photos, overviews and important facts regarding international marriage laws and customs • A comprehensive wedding resource appendix that no destination bride should be without