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The Beach Wedding Planner and Checklist

The Beach Wedding Notebook and Planner

The Secret To A Fun and Stress-Free Beach Wedding

planner1So your thinking about a beach wedding? Are you a little unsure about where to begin and how to get started. Wedding planning is difficult enough but a beach wedding or destination wedding can be even more so since they are still quite unique. 

At Beach Wedding Planning we are proud to offer our Beach Wedding Notebook & Planner. It's an 95 page fully printable planner  for only $22.97. It was designed specifically for the beach bride & groom. You can download it now by checking out at the bottom of this page.

I planned my beach wedding a few years ago when there were not many resources at all.  Beach weddings have since become my passion and this planner was developed as a result.

What Can the Beach Wedding Planner Do For YOU?

You want you wedding to be perfect but since you can't be there to plan it in person it adds stress to the process. The Beach Wedding Planner and Checklist can ease your fears and stress. Its an authoritative and comprehensive planner that will guide you through the entire planning process to ensure your beach wedding is a success.

The Beach Wedding Planner and Checklist includes information that will:

•  Help You Determine if a Beach Wedding is Right For You - A destination wedding is not right for everyone. We will walk you through the decision making steps.

•  Walk You through the Time Line - Beach Weddings take a bit more preperation. You need to start earlier and let your guests know . Our time line will ensure you are prepared.

•  Help You Choose the Location of your Beach Wedding – There are many locations around the globe that make perfect spots for a wedding, but each has it's pros and cons depending on your budget, the legal requirements and what time of year you want to get married. Our list of questions can walk you through the decision making process.planner1

•  Help you Choose the Right Hotel for your Beach Wedding - There are several types of hotels to choose from. We will guide you in deteremining the best hotel to meet your needs and those of your guests.

•  Assist in Finding a Wedding Consultant, if you want one – Our list of qusetions will help you interview and keep track of your wedding consultants shouldl you decide you need a bit of help.

•  Beach Wedding Budget – You might save money with a Beach Wedding but there are a lot of extra expenses too. Our budget guide will make sure you understand those extras and account for them.

•  Help you Choose Beach Wedding Attire – You have a lot more choices with a beach wedding than you do with a more traditional wedding. But there are some things you much keep in mind. We'll help you pick the best attire for the bride and groom and wedding party.

•  Provide Questions to Interview Wedding Vendors – Choosing vendors is hard enough in your own country but even harder in another country. Our advice & questions will help you pick capable professionals.

•  Help you Keep Track of it All - Included are worksheets to help you track of your vendors, your budget, spa services, transportation, bridal & goome attire and much more.

•  Beach Wedding Packing List - Your not just packing for a wedding and your not just packing for a honeymoon, you are packing for your wedding at the beach.  You won't forget a thing using our packing list as a guide.

•  Help you Make Site Inspections - If you have time and the money, you might want to make a trip to your destination for a site inspecition.  We will walk you through what is important to take care of depending on how much time you have.

•  Give You Examples, Examples, Examples - we provide you with examples for Save the Date wording, Invitation wording, At Home Reception wording, Newsletter or Wedding website details & welcome bag letter wording.planner1

•  Help you with your OOT Bags (Out of Town Town Guest Bags) - What goes in an OOT Bag?  Will give you long list of suggestions and provide  you with a list of providers of inexpensive bags to hold all your goodies.

Beach Wedding Planer & Checklist BONUSES -- Downloadable Templates for Save The Date Cards & Invitations

In addition to the Beach Wedding Planner & Checklist, you will receive six  downloaded templates to help you create Custom Invitations & Save the Date cards:

•  Save The Date Boarding Pass
•  Save The Date Luggage Tag
•  Save The Date Passport
•  Invitation Boarding Pass
•  Invitation Luggage Tag
•  Invitation Passport

Download Your Copy Instantly

In a just a few short minutes you'll receive a comprehensive guide to planning a stress free beach wedding of your dreams for the low price of $22.97.

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