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Custom Shirts for Your Destination Wedding Guests

Although many destination weddings are large, most are quite small.  And because they are small it makes it easier to give special teatment to all the guests, not just those in your wedding party.  One of the ways many brides in grooms do this is through the welcome bag.  One of the biggest questions I get it, "what goes in the oot bag?". 

One thing you don't hear about too often is personalized shirts (or some attire) for all the guests, not just your wedding party. What a way to make a statement when all your guests are wearing the same shirts around the hotel.  You can customize each differently based on what you know about the person or have all the shirts the same with your "wedding logo" on them.  If your wedding party is small enough to do this, then you should be able to get everyone's size ahead of time.  Just keep it a secret what you are doing with the information.

There are many places to order customized apparel, but it's best to work with a reputable company that supplies quality prodcuts like Cafe Press, UberPrints or Zazzle.