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Is a Beach Wedding Right for You?

So are you thinking about a beach wedding in Hawaii, Mexico or in the Caribbean? There is nothing more special or memorable than having your wedding on a beach. Many couples who choose to get married on the beach do it for that very reason; it’s something different. Something you and the guests you have will surely not forget. However, a destination wedding at a beach is not for everyone. You will need to consider the following pros and cons to having beach wedding.

Why a Beach Wedding is Right for You

It’s a chance to do something different, something memorable for you and for your guests. A chance to make your wedding day stand out. A beach wedding allows you more creative freedom.

It’s a chance to actually spend some quality time with your guests. Depending on how the wedding is ultimately organized you might have up to 3 to 4 days with your guests before the wedding. Imagine spending several days with your family and best friends on vacation leading up to one of the most exciting days of your life.

You might save some money in the long run. It’s not always true that a destination wedding on a beach will be cheaper than a wedding at home, but it many cases it will be. Read here to get a better idea of how you can both save money and the extra expenses associated with a beach wedding.

As soon as you are pronounced husband and wife you will already be on your honeymoon. No waiting, no travel time. You are already there!

You have freedom to make your wedding truly your own. It can be tradition, very untraditional or a little bit of both.

Why a Beach Wedding May Not be Right for You

You probably will not have as many guests at your wedding as you would at home. Not everyone will be able to take the time or have the money to spend on the trip. (If you are trying to have money, this might be a good thing). But if you have dreamed of the big wedding with hundreds of guests, you might be disappointed.

You will have to learn to be more laid back and relax about some of the details. Unless you can afford to make several trips to the location that you will be married, you will have to leave some of the details up to persons that are far away and possibly in another country. You will have to be comfortable using e-mail to plan your wedding. A destination wedding on the beach is not always stress free. Bridezillas should think twice before they undertake a beach wedding

You may have some extra tasks such as organizing extra events for guests at the wedding location.

You will have to consider the weather and have contingency plans made. If you cannot accept that you wedding location may have to change due to weather then a beach wedding may not be right for you.

So, given the pros and cons, if you think a beach wedding may be right for you, read our Things You Need to Know About a Beach Wedding article or our FAQ for more information about having a beach wedding.