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Shopping for Beach Wedding Shoes

Shopping for your beach wedding shoes can be quite a bit different from shopping for wedding shoes with nothing more in mind than style, a reasonable amount of comfort, and the color of your dress. This is especially true if you will be exchanging vows right on the sand. Finding the perfect beach wedding "shoes" can be as easy as wearing no shoes at all!

Going Barefoot to your Wedding

If you are wearing a light summery wedding gown, a Hawaiian holuku (a fitted mu`u mu`u that is flares at the bottom with the hem rising slightly in the front) like Joan Blackman wore when she married Elvis in Blue Hawaii, or a sarong, then not wearing anything on your feet but a pretty pedicure is a perfect option. In fact, many beach wedding dresses lend themselves to this look. Another option is the barefoot sandal. Basically this allows you to go barefoot but in style. Barefoot sandals consist of a T strap that is adorned with ornaments such as shells, pearls or flower and an ankle strap. Barefoot sandals don't have soles, so you are still barefoot. Click here to read about and see a selection of barefoot sandals.

Flip Flops

The most casual in footwear, flip-flops are available in many styles, from plain to very pretty, even fancy. Flip-flops are a favorite among beach goers because they can be kicked off so easily. Keep in mind, though, they do flip and flop a lot making them sometimes difficult to wear in the sand. If you are going to have a walkway or are getting married in an outdoor site that overlooks the beach, then flips flops are nice option. Another perfect wedding match for flip-flops is the beach themed wedding that isn’t actually held on the sand.


Whether your wedding is on the beach or at a beachfront resort, sandals are a perfect complement for a beach wedding dress. These may be designer sandals or quite inexpensive; the main thing is that they match the style of your wedding dress. Finally, no matter what type of shoe you decide to buy, if you are exchanging vows on the sand, opt for a thick heel or wedge heel to prevent your heel from sinking too much into the sand. With so many options for beach wedding shoes, what's a bride-to-be to do? Start shopping!