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Beach Wedding & Beach Themed Wedding Invitations

Whether you are exchanging vows on the beach with the sound of the surf behind you, or you are tying the knot elsewhere but have decided upon a beach theme for your wedding, the perfect beach wedding invitations are essential to the overall feel of the wedding.

Keep in mind that while a wedding with a beach theme calls for beach themed invitations, a wedding with a beach setting may or may not. For example, many popular wedding themes work with beach weddings, such as vintage 60s, butterflies, and other summery themes.

Another important consideration when looking for beach wedding invitations or destination wedding invitations is your personal sense of style, the style of the wedding, and your budget.

Of course, your beach wedding may also have a beach theme. Whether you are planning to marry barefoot in the sand, on a sunset sailboat cruise, at a posh, beach resort, or in a Midwestern church -- if your wedding will have a beach theme, then the following ideas may help you in your wedding invitation search.

Message in a Bottle invitations: The message, of course, is that they are invited to your wedding. The bottle may be a simple picture on the invitation, or depending on the budget, actual bottles with wedding invitations inside could be delivered.

Invitations with Beach Graphics: A picture of a seascape, shells or a beach scene leaves no doubt as to the theme or location of your wedding.

Invitations with an Aquatic Theme: A picture of two dolphins sharing a ring or bubble of light is certain to give your guests the feel you want to achieve

"Love Boat" Invitations: This style might picture two sailboats side by side or it might actually be in the shape of a boat.

Keep in mind that your beach wedding invitation can reflect the fun and/or romantic qualities of the day. As with your wedding gown and the groom's attire, the best beach wedding invitations will match the tone and style of your wedding and will, most likely, make use of beach colors and fonts that are casual or elegant with a light touch.

Remember when shopping for your beach wedding invitations that the invitation helps to set the tone for your wedding. The invitation may be your guest's first impression of the feel of your wedding. By setting the tone, the invitation helps your guests understand the proper spirit of your special event which will make your wedding an even more joyful experience. Also, given that your wedding invitation will likely hold a precious spot in your scrapbook as well as in those of your family and friends, you can see why the invitation holds a top position on the pre-nuptials "to do list." Have fun shopping for your beach wedding invitations!

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