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Considering Honeymoon Registry

The honeymoon registry is a unique new idea to help couples create, and pay for, the ultimate vacation. As most brides and grooms know, the perfect wedding often requires a large budget, so honeymoon expenses are an important consideration. However, if you’re not ready yet to give up the idea of toasting each other with expensive champagne from a balcony overlooking some exotic locale, the honeymoon registry will allow you to choose an entirely customized vacation to begin your life together-and it will all be paid for in advance, a gift from friends and loved ones. Just what is a honeymoon registry?

Very similar to a gift registry, couples register for their ideal honeymoon, complete with luxurious extras and delightful touches, and then receive each feature as a wedding gift. Would you like to fly off to Aruba, stay in a luxurious hotel, dine at fine restaurants and sip expensive wine? A honeymoon registry website allows couples to create their complete itinerary, listing each and every item that could fashion the ultimate honeymoon. Once this is done, they send this link to friends and family who can pick and choose whether they want to give a bottle of fine wine, pay for the bridal suite for one or more nights, or purchase airline tickets or side trip adventures.

Two things make this an ideal concept. First, there are elements in all price ranges so it’s easy for anyone to find something to give. Secondly, imagine the delight of loved ones as they picture the happy couple enjoying the limo ride or candle lit meal they purchased. The honeymoon registry allows them to participate in the creation of memories that will last a lifetime. Honeymoon registry tools to look for include easy set up, online and toll-free phone support, easy payment options, free announcement cards and email postcards, plus expert help in sending out thank you notes. Design options may include graphics for your links and photo borders, while “Still Need” lists to help registry visitors determine at a glance which gifts are still available to purchase. In addition, you can add little narratives about why this particular gift might mean a lot to you. For instance, “We’ve discovered that many side trips are located in isolated spots so a rental car will help us explore.”

Some honeymoon registry sites also offer free wedding pages. If you already have a wedding page, simply add a link to the honeymoon registry so that all of your nuptial news is centrally located. Quite a few sites are jumping on the Honeymoon registry trend.

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