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Beach Wedding Attire for the Groom

The blue ocean, the sound of the surf, and the soft, warm sand combine to provide a very romantic setting for a wedding, as well as inspiration for your groom's beach wedding attire. No matter how sophisticated and beautiful your beach wedding gown, your groom can look dashing standing next you, and he can do so without a tux or even a jacket.

Popular groom beach wedding attire often includes colors that are in harmony with the beach setting, such as tan, white, cream, light peach and blue. Just as the sand is sometimes speckled with black (especially in volcanic Hawaii), black works too in moderation. Professional wedding planners often suggest groom attire that includes the natural hues of the sand and sea. If you will be exchanging vows on a warm, sunny beach, a jacket is definitely not in the fashion forecast. Even for a beach resort wedding that takes place away from the sun and surf, perhaps in a gazebo next to a waterfall or indoors, a jacket is not needed. If you're exchanging vows in a beach destination that is near the surf, yet in a formal setting, your groom may want to wear a tux or nice suit, but my experience has been that even in the most luxurious and expensive of beach resorts, the look is casual – a classier casual, but still casual.

Speaking of suits, whether marrying on the sand with the waves gently lapping the shoreline behind you, or in the gazebo at a luxury resort, there are some types of suits that are preferable over others. If you want your groom to look cool (as in not wiping the sweat of his brow), go with a cotton or linen suit. If your groom is wearing slacks and a shirt, choose from the beachy pastels mentioned above. A word about white: no white pants (unless your wedding is to be a 70's theme). Save the white for a crisp white linen shirt, or go with a light cream or tan shirt with blue pants instead.

A couple of nice options for the groom's beach wedding attire are the guayabera and aloha shirts. Both of these shirts can be worn outside the trousers. The guayabera shirt, also known as the Mexican wedding shirt, is usually linen but may also be cotton and is classy casual. The aloha shirt is of course Hawaiian. Aloha shirts are usually floral printed, and while many are bright and splashy, many also are available in soft, beach tones with very classy patterns.

If your wedding is going to be super casual, as in clam-bake and beer kind of casual, then your groom may wear nice shorts instead of slacks. Gaging by most men's concern for fashion, expect to help him choose the shorts. Stone colored shorts with a nice linen or cotton short sleeved, button down shirt would be the perfect match for your casual wedding.

No matter if your groom is wearing a tux or shorts, coordinate his attire with your dress. If your dress is to be white, then choosing his colors is a cinch. Color coordination doesn’t mean you need to wear the same colors, but be sure that the colors and any prints compliment each other. One final thing – shoes! Your groom needn't wear dress shoe unless he's wearing a tux or suit. If you are marrying on the sand, sandals or going barefoot is a great option. Again, if the wedding it taking place at a beach resort, even indoors, consider loafers or nice sandals. As you may have gathered, your groom might value a beach wedding for more than its natural beauty and romantic appeal – as far as groom’s beach wedding attire goes, he's off the hook.