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How to Choose Beach Wedding Favors

A beach themed wedding, whether on a beach or in a church, calls for beach wedding favors that match the romance and fun of your seaside wedding. While not all weddings that take place on beaches are beach themed, (some have other themes such as such a favorite movie), many couples do choose to go with a beach theme. Some beach weddings have more specific sand, surf, or nautical themes, such as shells, scuba diving, dolphins, sailing, or actual tropical locations like Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Mexico. There are several things you may want to think about as you shop for beach wedding favors. One point to consider is that like all the other elements of your wedding, the wedding favors should reflect your personalities as well as the style of your beach wedding, whether casual or elegant, romantic or fun (or both). Second, keep in mind that a wedding favor may be treasured for years by family and friends as a special memento of your day, or it may be something enjoyed just that one day but savored in memory for years come. You should choose a great favor accordingly. Finally, think about the fact that a wedding favor is also a way for you and your groom to thank your wedding guests, so making the right selection is essential.


Choosing the Favor

A beach wedding evokes pictures of blue and turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, palm trees and romantic sunsets, especially when the wedding destination is a place like the Caribbean, Mexico or Hawaii. Your favors could play on this angle or a specific beach/ocean theme. For example, a couple who are avid scuba divers could provide for their beach wedding favors miniature treasure chests figurines or candles in the form of two dolphins or kissing fish. Shells and nautical themes lend themselves very well to wedding favors. You can find many beach wedding favors that feature shells, from shell shaped mints to candles decorated with shells. Sailboat wedding favors are popular with nautical couples. Other nautical beach wedding favors range from key chains with whimsical sailboats to miniature, glass blown sailboats. Wedding favors may double as place cards showing guests where they are to sit for the reception. Miniature beach pails with shovels with the guest’s name is an example of a place card wedding favor that works well with a whimsical, fun wedding style. The same holds true for beach balls. One couple had their names printed on beach balls, one for each guest to inflate after the meal, since the reception actually took place on the beach. For a casual, elegant look, consider miniature, silver flip-flops. Foods are also popular wedding favors. Miniature rum cakes would be perfect for a Caribbean beach wedding. A treat like this might be decorated with a ribbon in a color that matches the wedding colors. Some couples offer cookies with a recipe attached. A natural for a sand and sea wedding would be pecan sandies! As you may imagine, planning your beach wedding favors can be a really fun step in planning your beach wedding.