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Barefoot Sandals for Your Beach Wedding

Getting married on the beach means you can combine the best of both worlds – chic fashion and natural beauty. This is exactly what barefoot sandals do.

A barefoot sandal is actually more foot jewelry than a sandal, but it can add a dressy and fun touch to otherwise bare feet, making barefoot sandals a wonderful choice for beach wedding attire. These sexy sandals come in many different styles and will go with just about any beach wedding gown. Basically, a barefoot sandal consists of an anklet and toe ring that are connected with a beaded T strap across the top of the foot. Before their recent surge in popularity at beach weddings, they were probably most often associated with belly dancing.

The barefoot sandal is the perfect solution for the beach bride who wants something in between barefoot and conventional. While flip flops, for this reason, are a popular choice for beach wedding brides, they are usually not a good choice. For one thing, flip flops flip up sand and water. They also can be difficult to use on the sand. Many of us who wear them to the beach end up kicking them off as soon as we get to the sand.

Conversely, barefoot sandals look lovely, are comfortable and are not cumbersome in any way. They also allow you to wiggle your toes in the sand; in other words, barefoot sandals are super comfortable, allowing you to focus on your vows without being distracted by sore feet. Because barefoot sandals are so popular, you won't have any trouble finding the perfect ones to complement your beach wedding gown, whether you are seeking a natural look such as shells or an exquisite Swarovski crystal.

Many of the bridal retailers carry them, as well as small businesses online. Some will even customize them for you. You may also be able to locate a local jeweler who will create the perfect barefoot sandal for you.  There are hundreds of online photo galleries to give you an idea of exactly what you’ll be buying as you begin to consider your barefoot sandals.

Many of those who enjoy barefoot sandals and who also enjoy beading, make their own. The materials needed depend entirely upon the look you wish to achieve. Making your own barefoot sandals can certainly add the personal touch you’re looking for to your wedding.

If you decide to wear barefoot sandals to your wedding, treat yourself to a nice pedicure, and remember to match your toenail polish as well as your barefoot jewelry with your dress.