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Do it Yourself - Hawaii Wedding Ideas

A wedding in Hawaii can be a tropical dream come true for many couples. However, as a general rule, destination weddings Hawaii can be on the pricier side when you compare to having them in your hometown church. In addition, you may not get as much control over the details if you are picking out a prearranged wedding package.

Often, the majority of the cost of destination weddings Hawaii comes in the planning and the decorating. Since most couples will live out-of-state, they leave the finer details to the wedding coordinator at the location. While this can be very convenient, it also means that you do not have much control over the cost of the wedding or the smaller details – you simply pick a package that suits your needs and pay the bottom line.

However, for a more personal touch (and budget-friendly experience), there are ways that you can do some things yourself for your Hawaii wedding. Many wedding coordinators will allow you to pick items “ala carte” so you can reserve the things you need – like a location, an officiate, chairs for the guests – but still retain a lot of control in the smaller details. Here is a look at some resources for DIY materials and ideas that are easy to do that you can use to make your Hawaii wedding day more special.

Hawaii Wedding Invitations

One important aspect of the Hawaii wedding is the invitations. They let the guests know when and where the Hawaii wedding is and other important information. You can order personalized invitations nearly anywhere, though they can get expensive and often look like every other couple’s invitations. Here are some ideas for great DIY invitations for your destination wedding Hawaii.

To invite guests to your Hawaii wedding, try a message in a bottle. Fill a small glass bottle partway with sand from the beach, and roll up a simple invitation to stick inside. You can even decorate the outside of the bottle with a ribbon and seashells or tropical flowers. Even with shipping considerations, these may cost less than hiring a professional invitation printer.

Send Hawaiian postcards. This is a good idea if you are going for a casual Hawaii wedding. Get postcards from the location of your wedding to send, and you can use them as formal invitations, or as a “save the date” notice.

Create your own formal invitation. This is easy to do for those with a little artistic skill. Try writing a poem or including details that are important to you. Use seashells or tropical flowers along the border. Different types of cardstock and papers can be layered and tied with ribbon to create the look that you want.

Favors & Place Cards for Your Hawaii Wedding

Considering that you are traveling to your destination wedding Hawaii, you can combine your favors and place cards into one object. Either way you choose, DIY place cards and favors both make great mementos that guests can take home as a symbol of your beautiful Hawaii wedding day.

Take large seashells and write the name of the guest on it with paint to create placards.

Create your own flower leis in wedding colors for the guests to wear.

Luggage tags can be used as a fun placard, and they symbolize your destination wedding Hawaii.

Have mini sun parasols decorated with the name of the bride and groom and the date. These are also great for outdoor beach weddings, shielding your guests from any afternoon sun.

Fill boxes or small gift bags with tropical candies and tie with ribbon. This will give your guests a great taste of the local flavors, such as macadamia nut and coconut candies covered with chocolate.

Have a picture frame or mini photo album decorated with seashells or tropical flowers. This frame will be perfect when your guests return home and want to place photos from your Hawaii wedding around their house.

Use coconuts or pineapples to hold decorative placards – which look and taste great!

Decorations for Your Wedding in Hawaii

Decorations are a great way to set the mood of your Hawaii wedding, and they can be as casual or as formal as your tastes are. Decorations may include runners along the seats or pews, centerpieces, flowers for the bridal party, tropical candles on the table, and much more.

Glass bowls can be used to create your own spectacular centerpieces, and you can purchase these if you arrive a few days early to Hawaii. Fill the bowls with sand and colored shells and place candles in the middle. Or you can fill with water (with shells, marbles, or colored stones at the bottom) and float a few large tropical flowers in each one.

Use the local fauna for your Hawaii wedding. A little flower foam and some creativity and you can create your own flowered centerpieces, and you can order your flowers from local florists ahead of time. Experiment using palm fronds, tropical flowers, shells, candles, or sand to create a unique look.

Make your own pew/chair bows. Supplies for these are easy to take with you on the plane for your destination wedding Hawaii. You can cut ribbons and tie bows, and then add in sea shells or flowers that suit you theme, or your Hawaiian beach wedding dress. Or go truly Hawaiian and use leis to decorate.

Make your own bridal party flowers. Choose to have the entire bridal party wear leis, hand tie your own bouquets with flowers you pick out yourself, or make your own boutonnieres. With the abundance of flowers in Hawaii, you can easily create the perfect floral pieces for your Hawaii wedding. In addition, by creating your own flowers, you can easily match your Hawaiian style wedding dress.

Hawaii Wedding Gifts

It is often traditional for the bride and groom to present gifts to those who made the wedding possible, such as the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Since destination weddings Hawaii often combine the wedding and a vacation for many wedding guests, you can use this to your advantage when planning the guest bags.

A day at the beach – fill a sand bucket, picnic basket, or decorative basket with sunscreen, shovels, beach balls, beach towels, and other accessories that the guest might need for a day in the sun.

Explore Hawaii – fill a gift bag with Hawaiian souvenirs, including local snacks, maps, postcards, and gift items.

A day at the hotel – take advantage of the services that the resort has to offer, and give a gift card for the spa, golf, restaurant, or other activities. You can also do the same with local activities, such as a gift card towards a helicopter tour or off of scuba diving gear.

Other Destination Wedding Hawaii Ideas

When you are planning your wedding yourself, you can get as formal or as fun as you would like. Here are a couple of other ideas that you can consider that will make your Hawaii wedding unique and memorable.

Memories in photos – having a photographer for your entire ceremony and reception can be quite expensive. Instead, pass out disposable cameras for the guests to take photos with during and after the ceremony. The cost will be less, and you can use the pictures in your photo albums or thank you cards afterwards. Plus, you will know that all of your pictures will have the personal touch that only your family and friends can give.

Go native – if you are looking for more of a fun wedding than a formal one, have your whole party go shopping for Hawaiian shirts and sarongs once you arrive. Not only will they be less expensive than the traditional bridal gear, but your guests will have a memorable souvenir to take home with them. In addition, they will be a great compliment for your Hawaiian wedding dress sarong.

Guest book – with the variety of scrap booking supplies out there, you can create your own guestbook for guests to sign. Consider decorating pages with Hawaiian postcards, flowers, seashells, and other designs.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your Hawaii wedding plans. With a little imagination and a little work on your part, you can create the wedding in Hawaii of your dreams.